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The Expert's Guide - NG 3

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__--The Expert's Guide to Newgrounds Version 1.3--__

OK, this is the last award-winning "The Expert's Guide to NG" with some bugs fixed and some controversial points changed.

Notable ones:
-New Blam/Protect section added, new background
-Preloader bug fixed
-Interactivity added under whistles

EASTER EGG ON "AWARDS" PAGE (should be worth it).

1. Hello NGer's! This is a VERY deep tutorial about Newgrounds NOT found in the FAQ or most other tutorials. If there's a simple thing that you don't know, go to the FAQ.
2. I spent well over a month on this. Vote fairly.
3. Every button in the main menu leads somewhere. "Submitting" especially has a lot of information.
4. The main reason for the b/p tutorial is to "teach" people what ACTUALLY happens on NG. This isn't usually morally or score-wise right, but it's true. It may sound stupid, contradicting, and wrong, but it'll raise your stats more.
5. If you want the music, go to the link under "Audio".

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awesome guide!

some good information i find here but i also found one problem on the whistle quiz, in the last question, the review can be considered against the rules because it's fully in capital letters, and it could also be considered spam, because it's a word and some random numbers, but anyways good guide!

Just one question

What about those people who lie and give a review with 10s and say "great job" to a misleading and annoying flash that was meant to tick people off?...I cant mark those as abusive?...

Also..most of the time when people write things that "offends the author"...I tend to agree with them...because they author doesnt deserve any kind of score because it's wasnt a flash that was made to get constructive criticism; and I cant bring myself to flag those as abusive

...should I blow the whistle that "the movie is malicious" or that it "is unsuitable while it's still in the portal?

This is pretty Good for the old layout

Ah, This brought back some memories. Maybe one day you could Make The Experts Guide- NG 4. You know for the new redesign. Well keep it up!

Finally, an unbiased one!

Thanks for finally making an unbiased guide, but you should delete the others. The others will probably come up first and give new users the wrong idea. But great job!

desperate for another award

haha i would of probably done the same,but i dout thats the reel reason.you could of just updated the first one you made.