Mario's Revenge: SE

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Note: A lot of people don't seem to release the script is not meant to be taken seriously...

Runtime - Aprox.14 minutes, so make sure you got the time to watch!

Finally I am able to present to you... Mario's Revenge: Second Edition.

It has been in development since march 2005, so that is about 25 months of work (on and off) It is actually a remake of my whole Mario's Revenge series which i released about 4 years back.

The story may be kind of strange, but that was also in the originals, so I can't help it :P

I really hope you will enjoy it. Took me a shitload of time.


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Holy shit, after years of searching for this I finally found it again.

I was a wee little motherfucker when I watched this Flash, the day it was frontpaged, and after that I watched it so many times I could quote it word for word. (Yeah, I don't know why.) I still remember some of the quotes today, wondering where they came from and why I even remembered this stuff.

Years later I listened to Clocks by Coldplay, (now I finally got the joke) and I suddenly remembered the existence of this Flash, so I tried searching it on Newgrounds to no avail. Some more time passes, and I finally get lucky with a Google search. And now, watching it again after several years, I can finally rest. The age of this Flash definitely shows, the story is practically non-existent, but it's still decently funny for a 9-year old animation.

If you're still here on NG, I wish you luck on your future endeavours, and thank you for animating one of the best things I've ever found on this site.

ok... er... WHAT?? o_O
now i`m confused in a amusing way

what is the password?

dosen't work with me

EVERYthing is good but you made one littel mistake ist abot super saiyans.if a saiyan dies and he is in any super saiyan form he wille return to his original form you left luigi die as a super saiyan.so what we could say that luigi never even died.

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3.75 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
6:06 PM EDT