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Depressed Lemmings

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Author Comments

This movie is based on the game called Lemmings. For those of you who don't know it, and should be ashamed of it; Lemmings is about controlling little "people". You assign them different tasks to complete levels.

The song is called Evolution 169 and was created by Nevermore.

Btw, there's a hidden movie in there! I didn't think it was worth it to submit it separately so... Good luck finding it :)

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Simply marvelous!

This totally depicts the pain of those mindless rodents we love. The song set the mood so well, I even listen to it when I play the game. Everyone seems to forget about the blocker, don't they? Just one thing, where's that hidden movie? The hint is on the main screen, but where do I click?

FireHound responds:

The upper left corner of the loading screen has a hidden button.

Some nice ideas. Just need practice is all.

Well, I found the secret video, and I KNOW THE SONG!! I've heard it in Roller Coaster Tycoon, what is the original name for that ?! :D

The movie had a good theme to it, but I really thought you could've added more of a story. The music didn't fit it at all, just something to listen to while watching?

For the music, I probably would've chosen something that gave the essence of a constant state of aching, to give the viewer the feeling of the lemmings.

Great ending idea though, 'You saved 0%'

FireHound responds:

I think the original name of the song is "Drunken Sailor"
But there was a story... kinda... And you didn't think the music fit? I thought it was nearly perfect for the movie :(
I'll think it a bit harder about the choice next time then :)
Thanks for the review

Haha sweet

Heh I still have Lemmings and Oh No More Lemmings on CD. Rawk on.

FireHound responds:

gogo install and play it then =)

very nice

that was a sweet animation.... especially it was based off of Lemmings. i used to love that game on my old Windows 3.1 computer. i think that more people should mae animations or games based on Lemmings. this one here was quite cool... very nice graphics in it, good song, very entertaining and amusing and little 'extra' in it too.
good work on this one.

FireHound responds:

at least you had windows... hardcore dos for me :)

You made me cry.

You braught back all the surpressed memories of that great game... Now I'm probably going to go dig my old Snes out of my closet just to play the old Lemmings. I LOVE IT! Great depiction of the game - you could have done more with the exploasions though. (I lol'd at "You saved 0%)

FireHound responds:

Oh, I didn't know it was made available on the snes too? I used to play it on my old crappy pc :)

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
3:37 PM EDT