Invaders From Space

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If you can't tell, both the people at the end are the same person, ie me.

Here's how it came to be
Saturday: Writes nice chord progression around space invaders theme
Sunday: Arranges and records said progression
Monday: Makes short retro video around said song
Tuesday: Looks for Camera
Wednesday: Records strange ending section.

And that's the story of this animation
All of it (everything) is by me.
The Captain guy is animated from a photo of me, and the pilot guy is a photo of Mark (ie. Shout out to Mark).

"Kids listen to the rap music,
Which gives them the brain damage"


okay one

that was an alright animation. it was alright for a sprite animation, but i think that it could've been a little longer and a little better as well... but your efforts were nice.


all right but think if that were real. if it had been better graphics i would be great.

"Invaders! Quite possibly from SPACE!"

Graphics: Pretty much what everyone else has said. You've made great use of camera work on the sequences with the game-ripped sprites, you've done some great sprites of your own for the original characters and effects, (Which is something I've always wished for, when I'd see someone else's sprite cartoon and they go mixing sprites with vectors in places, just cuz it was "easier...") and the isometric 3D sequences were awesome as well. The video at the end was unexpected, quick, and to the point.

Sound: First of all, that music kicked ass. Way to apply chord progression to an otherwise repetitive series of notes. Musical Theory FTW! Your voice work was less impressive, but I've heard worse on Newgrounds. Actually, those fake robot voices everyone else uses might have fit right in to the video game segment. The RL voices at the end sounded a little bit more natural.

Overall: Heh, that was awesome. It had me thinking of that one Futurama episode where "what if life was more like a video game." I'm looking forward to your next release. Keep it up, kid!

nerdswithattitude responds:

Thanks, that was a very helpful review.

Also "Musical Theory FTW" QFT.

You're right, my voice work is crap. I need to work on it.

Also, I'm glad someone mentioned the Futurama episode (I lol'd at the title quote), cause I made an effort not to make it comparable to that.

Thanks for the support!

Haha, well...

Im gonna chuck this out there and say it was pretty good.
Pretty funny man, and i like how you recorded the music...even though i think it would have been better if it was faster paced music of the space invaders theme, which would have given it that more exciting and suspenseful mood.
Taking note that the graphics were meant to be pixelated, the graphics of those two guys was a bit...messed up. but not too bad.
Another thing that i liked about this was the style. You didnt use the one boring camera angle...zooming in and also the 3d angle gave it more life and made it more interesting.
Visually it was anything "holy fucking shit this is awesome" but i still liked it. Pretty funny.
Did i over analyse that too much? I thought it was good...different.
Nice work. deserves to be saved.

nerdswithattitude responds:

Thanks, and no, you didn't overanalyze it too much, analysis is the best thing you can do to an animation. I'm glad you liked the 3D angles and such, I was pleased with how they turned out.

Thanks for supportage!

Well i enjoyed it.

I like older games like this. So i really like them when people try to make a movie out of them. This was good. Liked that part where it is like. Dude, It is just a game.

nerdswithattitude responds:

Thanks much.

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3.13 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2007
3:03 AM EDT
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