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Author Comments

OH YEAH!! I forgot to say, wait for it to fully load before you click play. I didn't add a preloader because preloaders are for PUSSIES... lawl.

A shooter game. I made it to practice Action Script. Practice makes perfect. And perfect is one thing I am nowhere near XD.

All of the graphics/sprites/whatever you want to call 'em were made by me. Everything was programmed by me. In fact, everything in this game was made by yours truly except for the fonts and the music, which I will credit below.

Intro from Tetris 2 (NES).

Game Over:
Game Over from Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II (one helluva game).

The font can be found at http://www.04.jp.org/ along with a whole bunch of other kickass pixel fonts.

I hope I covered everyting. Enjoy the game!

Controls(for those too blind to see the little button that says "instructions"):
Move Left or Right

Shoot lazer.

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not bad one

that was an alright game. it was pretty simple overall, but it was still a decent time killer and your efforts were alright. i think that this one needed a bit of a bigger challenge to it though.

afrodave responds:

Thank you for your review. I'm glad to see that there is still some intelligence left on this site,

Not worth the effort

The graphics are like that from and era gone(like the stone age of computer games).
The sounds get very annoying esspecialy if you hold the spacebar down.
The wasn't much style to speak of.
Interactivity-Holding down spacebar, move from side to side.
The area is too small for it to be as fast as it was and the song and sounds you picked could have been of better quality.

afrodave responds:

That first sentence made no sense. "from and era gone? What the hell is wrong with you? And this is flash we're talking about. If you want awesome graphics go buy a PS3, flash is not a 3D program, dumbass.

If it annoys you when you hold the space bar down, don't do it, you Neanderthal!

Starting every sentence with "The" doesn't make you sound any smarter. You're living proof.

Nope, doesn't work. Thats how you DIE. Idiot. I made sure I removed that glitch so people like you would shut the hell up.

Ok, next time, I'll pick one of those crappy "ska" songs that everyone on this site seems to overuse. Will that make you masturbate?

And what the hell does "not worth the effort" mean? Are you saying it wasn't worth my time to at least try to make a game to practice Action Script so I could improve on my skills by following your (dissapointing) reviews? You're a dumb turd. Get off of the internet.

Overall, your review was "not worth the effort". Try harder next time.


Where to start...

The sounds are very very loud, the game is way too fast for the very little room you are given, if you hold space the laser disappears... I was confused if I was shooting or just making a lot of noise.

Pro tip: Play it for yourself. If YOU like it, and think it's ready. Then submit it. Like my previous reviewer said, there's more troubleshooting then anything.

afrodave responds:

I wasn't the one who played it, I showed it to four other people, and they had no problem with it. The real question is, whats wrong with you?

To Glitchy

This game really needed more troubleshooting before posting it. The graphics aren't bad but need to be worked on. The ship is way to close to where the enemies and stuff spawn not giving any time to maneuver. The slow downs can actually reverse your controls and eliminate the boundaries letting you go off the screen never to return. This game's concept is a nice space invaders type game with only one real enemy that I've seen. Maybe if it had a little more work done to it, it would be worth playing for longer.

afrodave responds:

Wow... This is actually the first helpful review I've ever received... This is quite an emotional time for me.

A lot to improve

I totally agree with the previous seview. And one more thing- preloaders aren't 4 PUSSIES. Personally I hate flash with no preloader.

afrodave responds:

So you gave this flash a bad review because it doesn't have a preloader? Wow... You are so cool.

Credits & Info

1.85 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2007
5:10 PM EDT