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Slash/2 (english)

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Here is the English vertion of part two, It's not a good English but it's good enough to undertand the drama without reading subtitles!!, I hope you like it...

and I think from now on I'll make an English and a Spanish vertion of all comming anothers.... (and wait "Slash 3, Ultra-Battle" Comming soon)

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otra buena!!!

aunke no sean los mejores efectos y animacion se ve k trataste y has mejorado de la primera..e visto todas tus slash movies y estan buenas ...espero por la parte 3 ...buen trabajo y no te dije malo porque mi ingles no es tan bueno .
good job!
oh and where u from?

megaener responds:

Gracias y, soy dominicano!!

I'll give you some translation help.

cientificos desaparecen: Scientists Missing

En el aviĆ³n:
Good day, Agent SLASH. This time, your mission is to investigate the disappearances of scientists all around the world. Our investigations have confirmed that...
they have been taken to a remote island in the middle of the ocean. You must deactivate the fortress from within and find the scientists. If they are alive...
You must return them to their respective nations. Also, we must inform you that you will undergo some physical changes upon drinking the Virus Z-206.
Within time, your body will adjust, and you will gain NEW ABILITIES as a result.
Again, Agent SLASH... We leave it in your capable hands.

ConfrontaciĆ³n con Vector:
SLASH: Vector! So you're behind all this!
Vector: SLASH, we meet again. You're still alive!!!
SLASH: You won't get away with this!!!
Vector: Silence, fool!!! You will now suffer for your loved ones. Meet... My 5 Generals. I used those scientists to develop the ultimate warriors, so that I may conquer the world.
SLASH: Vector! Stop!!!

megaener responds:

hmhm, well, It's kind'a a lot difference!!

Nice job

Good concept. The subtitles lagged behind the voice a bit though.

megaener responds:

I'll try to impruve that think of subtitles!!

Now I can give you a 5

This was a lot better now that the voices were in english, and I can excuse the grammer. Still an excellent stick movie.


megaener responds:


I'm sory

I REALLY shouln't laugh, cause English isn't my mother tongue neither, so don't take it personal: the unintentional comic effect was fantastic:D

Well, the flash is ok, if there is enough plot in a movie I don't mind simple stuff.

megaener responds:

well, may be unintencional if you are not talking about it was subtitulated, or that it has an history, but how ever thanks for your comments!!!

Slash/3 Comming soon

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2007
4:14 PM EDT