3D Anaglyph Pong

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This game requires that you ware red/cyan anaglyph 3d glasses!

Yeah ok, so awhile ago I submitted a short 3d movie that got a lot good reviews. So anyway I noticed that no one has yet to make an anaglyph 3d game, and so . . . yeah.
Sorry that my animation isn't that good. The backgrounds do change as you're score goes up, and the game dose get harder. Reviews please



the only time the oppent gained a point was when i want to exit out of the game

you misunderstood

i don't think you understood my first review on this, when i saydlook above for review i meant to the review summary not the person's above mine. since you didn't think unoriginal was good enough, the other reason i voted low was because i found it to be boring and far too easy . this has been done so much it's hardly enjoyable. then again i don't own 3d glasses ( why the hell would i?) so i guess that was another reason why it didn't seem so good.

like like like

i loved it. nothing is cooler than those stars at 4 points. only problem was that anaglyph glasses hurt my brain. oh well.

i agree 100% with romalia

it left me thinking..... whats the point if i cant win? is it endless?
well i lost interest after playing it for about 23 seconds. sorry but it just wasnt very good. (btw romalia was the guy that reveiwed this game before me.)

FlamingCow responds:

You win after 21 points, read the instructions ya' idiot :)

You win after 21 points in most pong games.


Oh wow, a mediocre Pong game. It's kind of sad to see the first game ever made turned turn mediocre since one would think it's not even possible. The ball is slow, there's no room to bounce, and the whole 3D aspect of it is just bogus. We live in the 21st century, not 1980. I don't know a single person who has a pair of those glasses.

FlamingCow responds:

Do you watch tv?

3D is slowly coming back . . .

slowly . . . .

. . . And I'm-a just trying to help her out.

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2.64 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2007
7:33 PM EDT
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