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Author Comments


Im totally new to flash, and this is my first flash submission ever. Dont expect it to be any great. I was just playing around with Flash 8, and the result is a 2 min of random crap and gore. Believe me, this flash short is crap, unless you like to watch it xP Say whatever you want, cuz... whatever XD

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* writting in notebook* " nev-er..... mes-s..... with.. pa-ki.... OK, I'll remember that "

that was pretty good for you're first flash. Dialouge would be nice though.

Hammi responds:


how can you watch this thing its like way old and stupid. Oh well. Thanks though.


great flash, for totally new, this is great!

Hammi responds:

Its actually halfassed but thanks anyway! My newer submissions will be way better than this doodle like crap. xP

I saw my art teacher masturbate to this :P

I walked in and saw my art teacher jacking off to this and saying, " there is hope for this new generation!!!" The background was quite swell, nothing less then professional a masterfully crafted vision. a realistic but chilling montage. The drawing of the female, it was a drawing right? almost thought it was an image it was done so good, and the blood dripping from the heart. this can only compare to the Sistine Chapel. This is how you say give me boner, yes?Something of this greatness will be talked about for ages, Shows in 40 years will be making references to this, this flash is nothing less then professional, one of the greastest flashes of this miliniun, this flash will touch mankind in a way that promotes an artistic vision that transcends our personal limitations. Only one thing bad is this is so good it will become part of a bland corporate mechanism. Good job sir

Hammi responds:

Wtf XD Thanx man... thumbs up 8D

Didn't like it.

I didn't find it interesting and the randomness put me off even more. I thought animation, graphics were less then poor and didn't even find it the least bit funny.

To your credit, there was a good use of sound and syncing, but I didn't find that enough to give it a passing rating. Try again.

Hammi responds:

Meh... whatever XD Did you remember to read the comments? Then you might already know that im new to flash... thought i would just mention that ;P I didnt put EVERYTHING into animation, my purpose was just to make it work xP Too bad you didnt like the randoms. Oh well.

want positive comments? you get em =)

for a first attempt great work =) how entirely random it was didnt matter cause it r0x0rs my s0x0rs Ya! LAWL PWnt teh noob piggy zombie thingy.... =D
yeah well... your animation is actually quite good for first attempt, i have seen better but its up there with the best starters =)
Obviously though.... the angry paki thing might get whisted OoOOoo BUT I LOVE KEBAB MMMMMM YEAHHHH!
lol, keep it up =)

Hammi responds:

ROFL! Awesome comments man, really good comments so far^^ Thanx. I didnt know that people would think that this flash is really good for a start :D Hehe the paki thing, well... i am a paki so... does it matter XP I will kick it whenever i want xP Thanx for the ratings and everything!

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2007
8:18 AM EDT