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In this game, Muncher, you are very hungry and you want some food, fortunately for you their is food falling from the sky, so eat it!, but unfortunately there is junk falling as well, try to avoid that, happy playing!
(sorry about the high score thing not working that well)

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not bad

its good 4 just getin started work on ur graphics and more complex game play and ur on ur way.

ELFERRETO responds:

thanks for the review!

Very much "Back to basics"

It is simple in every dimension, but it is a start for flash creation, if you keep at it and spend more time on a submission, I'm sure you can create a more comples and stimulating game. And no offense, but the first thing you need to work on is your graphics, even though gameplay was lacking, people can stay more interested (at least initially) with better graphics.

ELFERRETO responds:

yeah, i guess i tried harder with all of my other submissions, i am spending loads of time on my upcoming one, object avoider 2.

you cant lose in this

its almost impossible to lose this game. it has repetitive patterns and low graphics. im sorry but it is just a little easy. please try and make this game harder for the rest of us at newgrounds. hope i wasnt too harsh

ELFERRETO responds:

no, it wasnt harsh at all compared to the review just before you, anyways i made it so every level had a different pattern, and i tried with the graphics bit, so thanks for the review

Fuckin Dumb

I made this typa game when i was like ten on a flash game creator disk for children......are u kidding.....this game sucked......hardcore

ELFERRETO responds:

try to leave constructive reviews rather than just bagging other people, BWA HA HA HA HA, you have only done 9 reviews and you dont even have content on the site! (how does that feel!)

not bad

Fun little time waster. But maybe you could make another one with back ground options and more things to dodge. Anyways Fun game.


ELFERRETO responds:

they are great ideas!

Credits & Info

2.10 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2007
7:56 AM EDT