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Metal Gear Stupid 1 pt1

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Warning: This film is hard to understand if you havent played metal gear solid 1.
I know some of it is LIKE metal gear awesome but thats because there isnt much to make fun of in the first part of metal gear solid,
anyway... enjoy. :)

I'm watching this 10 years later. I was an idiot.

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Heh heh that was pretty good. You'r right you did have to play MGS 1 pretty recentl to get most of the jokes. I had to ask my uncle what a pinapple was. Allthough I also had to ask him what a 55sixer was to.

soiled the name of all things metal gear...kinda?

i kinda liked it but no one can compare to metal gear awesome dude.....what have you been smoking?

Kreid responds:

I didnt compare it to the awesome series, I love the awesome series and know this film is nothing like them, i just wanted a topic for my first film, and i was playing MGS at the time :P

somehow funny

look the animation was decent but the voice just didn't works on the next one try to make that the sound would be in better shape

Kreid responds:

The animation sucked, the voices sucked, i jus hate my own film :P
And the sound was because i didnt have a mic at the time, i had to use my mp3 to record it.

Thx :P


Yea there were moments in MGS that would make anyone go "HUH!?" There were parts in which all that happened was just people talking. Blah blah blah.... Anyways, great video. Will be looking forward to part 2. Have a great day. :)

Kreid responds:

I sall have a nice day thx and you too XD, anyway yeah, theres way too many cutscenes in metal gear games


OMG...THEY GOT PINEAPPLES......and you have retardation on your forehead, it's no MGA - Metal Gear Awesome, so don't try to give it that kick. So yea, even tho I know I can't do better I'm just gonna get nude and run around my street and jump at random elderly ppl for fun.

Kreid responds:

sounds like a plan :P It was one of my first films so yeah :P I didn't plan to be in league with Metal Gear Awesome

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3.81 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2007
4:11 PM EDT