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2020 UPDATE - Connection Restored

  • Since 2009, this animation has been broken with numerous sound & graphical glitches because I foolishly decompiled the original SWF into an FLA to make adjustments to the credits since I lost the original .FLA file.
  • However, I have made an effort to fix the sound & graphic glitches so it sounds and looks how it was in 2007 (to the best of my memory). You'll need to view the .mp4 version for the restored edition.
  • The LOW sound quality is unfortunately unfixable since I never knew how to export high quality sounds at the time of making this animation in 2007

Steve the blond hair guy signs up for AOL although his friends Fred and Cipo trying to stop him for making the biggest mistake of his life.

Sorry for the long delay of the movie. It wasn't that I was busy, but it was because I never wanted to work on the animation. Near the end I did get lazy and stopped some of the lip syncing which I shouldn't have and some of the animation is a little bit stiff....

Thank you to all the VA who participated in this movie...Sorry about the grammatical errors in the script!


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I loved this, The bush letter was amazing! Oh, I love AOL *shot gun cocks* J/k lol 10

Yay sup man ur learning!!

ur getting better at flash!!! remember my art proposition? its still up!!! man it bursted 1 or 2 laughs to me so ima vote 5 for people to see more!

Not bad.

It wasn't that bad actually. The lip sync that was done was down well. Each character was unique. The backgrounds were creative and fit the enviroment. Your mouths were done greatly along with your eyes and heads. If you spent more time and improved the characters bodys and added some shading for depth and maybe some lighting affects you could go far. You have the potential. Believe me I can tell.

samsonloftin responds:

Thanks, Although near the end I slacked on the lip sync then started to lip sync again. Ok thanks even though shading looks awesome I really didn't add it on the characters!

okay one

that was an alright animation. a little short and random, but it was still okay to watch.

It wasnt that great

I liked a little bit of it