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Megaman X: Axl... Axl...

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My friend HoodHustla gave me really nice idea to animate and this is how it turned out after five days working!

Anyways, this is my first drawn Megaman X flash and I know that Zero may look little odd with shoulders and his chest...
But anyways, hope you enjoy it!

Special thanks to HoodHustla and Poparocka for voice acting!

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Lol XD

LOL i could imagine what would happen with vile!

Just imagine vile walking in out of nowhere too.And when zero asked axl "why do you sound so girly anyway?"LOLZ STARING CONTEST!and X was like "yyyAAAAAAAAAAAAyyy"then axl said "i'm supposed to be one."zero said"Your joking right?o,o" XD greatest flash ever.


Zero:why do sound all girly
Axl:uh cus im supossed to be one

Get Ready. :)

i can't wait to see this.lol. ^-^

reploides dont breathe

cool and funny but zero has one eye in the staring contest