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Thinking up Flash

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Author Comments

Two guys decide to make a flash movie.

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the only thing i dont get about this is the dude (sticky) that wanted all the violence in his thing and then the other dude (sticky) that didnt want violence made a mario film with a EPIC BATTLE!!!!11 but overall i made chocolate milk

Sticky responds:

Nobody likes a smart ass.


Thats got to be the best aniamtion you've done. i like this one the best out of all...

Sticky responds:

Well it is my highest rated movie here currently.

LOL nice! XD

Pretty funny! Nice voice acting great movie!

I would recommend it 2 anyone...even god...XD


I like naked flies do you?

Sticky responds:

given that god exists and he therefore controls EVERYTHING he would already know of this flash's awesomeness...and also technically he made this flash given I was apparently being controlled by him...

but enough of that...I hate ALL flies...bees on the other hand...

Awesome job!

I love animations about animations. Good work here! And good voice acting...I thought it was two people until I realized it wasn't.

Keep it up.

This is front page material for sure. Let's hope Tom swings by...

(And thanks for using my music. My other account is crodian. lol)

Sticky responds:

wow, having 2 accounts must suck...

that song is awesome by the way (or it was until I listened to it several hundred times making this flash)

and it's surprising how so many people find this flash to be frontpage material yet it didn't even get a daily award or anything....I think the only way to get tom's attention (aside from directly emailing him) is to submit this flash to a collection...hint hint...

oh, and thanks for mindlessly voting every category 10...

Very Good!

No offense i didnt expect much from it when i clicked on it but it was really great there hasnt been many funny flashes lately i think the last really funny one was "unforgotten realms".

Anyway it was great keep it up and if i had to put money on it id say this will get front page.

Sticky responds:

no front page:(
good thing you didn't put money on it...