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SDM: Issue 1 Colonal: pt1

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Author Comments

Issue 1 sees Super Dooper Man thrown into a huge worldwide mission, in which giant aliens called COLONAL seem to be invading the world. Can he defend himself AND the entire world?


I'm sorry if the file size seems a little big for what the animation actualy is, it just that im still learning how to use flash and compressing confuses me.

Critisicm needed and opinions and even Storylines for up and coming issues if you like.

Thank You

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Very nice

This is quite astounding for a first time flash. I'm definitely wanting to watch the second edition. Can't wait for more from you in the future.


hah. kickass job, man. I'm gonna go check out part two now... thanks for using my song. :)

btw your response to that last review was hilarious. xD

HolyDragon responds:

OMG cheers, im glad you liked it.

Thanks Loads

Not bad

Considering this is ur first animation you have put on to new grounds its very good and im impreesing that there wasn't any mistake or bit that were off with the sound affects.

This is impressively made animation and i cant wait for the other issues.

I hope they make it on to onto newground aswell.

HolyDragon responds:

Almost as impressive as ur spelling mistakes m8 lol

Thank you for ur positive review though :)

Thank You

That was pretty cool

But like the guy below me said, it was sort of short. w00t, stick people-like things..... that laser looked a bit odd though. But, overall, pretty sweet. I can't wait until Issue 2. I give this..... 4 super dooper men... out of 5

HolyDragon responds:

LOL thank you loads, and thank you for helping my submisson get through into the portal.
Yeah the next one is going to be longer, its just i had certain restrains in having to use my laptop, my big PC shouldnt have any problems.

There are alot of glitches i think, and im working on them now as we speak to hopefully bring my animation to a better standard.

Thank you again

Decent start!

I enjoyed that, but it was rather short; I didn't manage to grasp too much plot or anything like that. Hopefully future episodes will have more of a story, or be part of a larger one.
It would be excellent if you could up the quality of your graphics, and keep practicing your animation; it's pretty good for someone who is just learning flash.
There was one part of the movie I didn't like, and that was when the monster rose from the ground after SDM punched him into the ground. The music just cut off for a few seconds, and then the monster's music cut back in. I'd recommend fading the music out, then fading the monster's music in quickly.
Good luck with your future work!

HolyDragon responds:

Yeah i had alot of problems when it came to fading in and out as im not to confident in those areas of flash yet. This is the first time ive really used sounds and music to this extent in a flash. Other things i have made were just little stickmen things so yeah.

Thanks Loads For your review and support

Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2007
5:22 PM EDT