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Life's A Bitch

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I made this movie back in '03 and...damn, has it been that long. I finally decided to repost this under my new account mainly because friends of mine recommended that I do it.

Since I made this with Flash 6...the audio MAY get out of sync, so I recommend watching it on medium or low quality. Otherwise the last 30 seconds or so might be without music. I WOULD update this using the latest version of flash, but alas, I no longer have the FLA file. Bummer.

If you're looking for wanton destruction and excessive violence, look elsewhere. If that's what you're expecting, you'll probably find this dull and boring.

However, if you're looking for something with "depth" (it makes a good conversation piece), then this may be for you.

Well, that's it. Watch, enjoy, vote, review, discuss.


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A must-see Flash

Life's A Bitch is a modern art classic, in the truest form. Not only do I remember this from 2003, but few pieces (not just Flash) have really embodied the modern life satire in such an imaginative and stylish manner. I found this Flash to be remarkable when I found it at the age of 17, but watching again, at 22, after getting home from a week of work; I feel a new connection to it.

Keep your mind, and flash, open...and keep making movies.

PsYcH0B0YTiM responds:

Well, aren't you a sweetie...haha.

yeaa boi

Its good but like I always say life's a bitch and than you die so fuck the world and lets get high : )

You know...

This movie makes me want to kill myself. Good job!


I thought it was sort of boring and , almost depressing to the point of suicide , don't take it as I did not like the flash because I did but it could have had some sort of dramatic action added to it,but that is just me. all in all you have talent and it was a good flash.

really good

as was warned, there's no music for the last half a minute but apart from that it was really very good.

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4.87 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2007
3:01 PM EDT