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Parrot Dressup!

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Author Comments

Requires Flash 8.

Yes, I made another dress-up. Yes, it's another completely random and stupid one that you'll get a laugh out of for about five minutes. What can I say? I've got a lot of time on my hands. Yes, I'm aware there's no sound, that's so you can listen to your own music. And by the way, read the preloader text, and try it out. It's amusing. ;P

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dont really like parrots :/

Bird fan

I actually checked this out because I'm a parrot-owner myself. The Amazon (that's the kind of bird in the photo) is cute, but the quality of the drawing is not great and the items are a little crowded together. Cute concept, but needs some quality improvements.

Its OK

Its quite funny actually.

Hey, guess who this is? =D

Great dressup game! But probably would've been better with sound. Also, the stuff was just a bit too crowded together.

Keep the preloader for your next ones!! =D


Pretty cool. Original. Props.

4m4d30_make boobies...