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Death to it's Best

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Info: If you want to die...Make sure every1 dies along...:)

My 3rd movie...I had troubles with the preloader...Sry
Spent about 28 days on it...Also made this for a competition.

Note : Sorry about the colored words if they annoy you.
And : There's something wrong iwth the preloader...watch the movie starting from scene 1

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its ok

i like it is just the way its drawn.no offence

nice one dude

i really like your style.... for a first flash maker... your improving a lot!!!!
hope to see your next movie...
would love to vote it :)


You're getting much better. I only think it's a bit too colorfull.
But that's my opinion.

Keep it up! :D

Worth watching

But graphics could be a lot better. You should made those 2 guys look more different from each other, and make more details. The music was cool, but you could hear in the background how it repeated itself.

It's still good, though... Good luck on future movies.

I like your style.

There are a lot of flash movies and a lot of them have stick figures, so to be able to set yourself apart from the rest is important. You sir have done just that. The story wasn't the best, but I think it fit well with this particular flash and worked well. I loved the weird-ass shit you put in this, like the odd colors schemes, fonts, backgrounds, ect. Everything just oozed with a certain style and I thought that was really cool.

It wasn't perfect, but very enjoyable and well worth watching more than once. I hope you continue to do flashes in an odd and stylish way man, because you obviously do them well. Great job and keep it up.

P.S. Nice music as well.

Zackie responds:

Thx so much...