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Mario's Night Time Advent

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this is a movie where mario does a funny

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what the heack was that

notoriousm responds:

it was n***a food

Either artistic license, or really really bad ;)

If you did all that crap on purpose, then it was pretty funny. That's what a lot of beginner flash movies sometimes look like.

notoriousm responds:

i did it for the lulz

Very Funny

Everyone who is reviewing this poorly doesnt see the true itent of this movie...very funny and sarcastic

Perfectly showed how sprite animation is damn funny

Nice...intro was a bit tedious...but did proove you know what your doing

'mario is italian' haha

good job hope it doesnt get blammed

notoriousm responds:

course not its maron

Eh... Overdone to death.

First off, the technique with the sprites was really crappy, as you left the black background in there with it. Of course, I'm sure you meant to do that, since you were oh-so-subtly trying to make your point through bad graphics and crappy flash powers. But I digress. The backgrounds made me chuckle. You got the majority of your points there.

Overdone. Plain and simple. I've seen so many "omg, sprite flashes are unoriginal and they suck" movies that they've ceased to be good. You have to make it new and at least take a different slant if you want people to take it seriously.

Awful. Well, I take that back. The part with the typing sounds and the windows noises made me laugh. :P Well-placed. But I will say that I greatly dislike it when flash artists intentionally change the volume at various parts of their flash, especially if it's as extreme as yours was. Ouch.

Mario killed a goomba. A goomba killed Mario. No blood, no drama. I gave you pity points.

Your preloader was funny, what with all the unfilled fields and whatnot. You would have gotten more, had your play button showed signs of being active when my mouse icon was over it. :p

Not funny. At all. Like I said, it's been overdone. I'm not saying that anti-mario/anti-sprite flashes can't be funny. I'm just saying that if you want to make a good one, do something original with it. Crack on a specific aspect and expand on it or something. I dunno. All I know is that I'm seeing the same thing I've seen many times already. Recently.

I was a bit generous with the review score, I think. I personally voted to blam, but you'll probably pass, since it has Mario in the title, lol. Ironic, isn't it?

notoriousm responds:

ARE you kidding me Maron is really cool

Credits & Info

1.92 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2007
11:36 PM EDT