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Middle Finger Dressup

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Author Comments

Yes, here it is. Although Stick Carnage YS 2 is in production, I got bored with it and decided to make a small game. There isn't any music because not everyone likes the same music, so I'll leave it up to you to play something in the background yourself. This game took me a few hours to make, and the idea came to me after looking through the dressup games and realizing there wasn't one of these. Peace, NG, and have fun. Make some classy middle fingers, they're always good for a laugh. This game is solely for use on Newgrounds. If seen anywhere else, it's stolen.

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i love it


good but make it more longer


awesome dude i dressed it up so the middle finger describes your my bitch :P

This is so funny

Well it least made me laugh


Original dress-up. A good dress-up game that actually keeps me occupied. Not like those other ones that bore me half to death. Keep up the good work.