2Fort - Sniper

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I got the snipers to shoot back at you. No if I could only get the player to die when shot... I will work on that. I also want to have a battle going on down in front of the Red base. I also fixed the hit boxes by a little. (Still minor glitches)
New Hint: If you like gore, click and hold on the sniper (Again, it's nothing much)
Previous Hint: You get a little surprise if you hit the spacebar while in-game. (Nothing much) Hope you enjoy it.


that game sucked balls, 1st off,why is there i heart beat in the background!? is that all u could think of for a soundtrack, 2nd, its just a time fcking time waster! theres no objective RATHER THAN TO JUST FOR NEWBES TO PLAY AND NOT REALIZE THE STUPIDIDE IN THIS EXUSE FOR A GAME! >:C so thats my review for this game,hoped u laerned yur lesson creator,cuase this game SSSSSUUUUUCCCKKKKS BBBBBAAAAAAAAALLLLLL SHIIIIIIITTT!!!! (so srry)

it was kinda cool

imma give u a 6 cuz the game n stuff but it should kinda be longer, but i can tell if u make anutha game itll be good, so keep it up


good job on that one. it was way to short tho....
but any way the graphics wer ok but a little glitchy
the sound i thaugt was cool ( it was in time when you shot some one )and i gave you a 5 for style only coz ive seen many games liek this befor. still good

it's asi asi

not bad for a newbe. made no sense ho you caould shoot them in the foot and they still explode

pretty good

i play tfc and this was good, should have ppl running from base to base that u can snipe and other snipers appearing less often and moving around more like when ur sniping in the real game

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2.49 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2001
7:37 PM EST
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