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Jokes at the Bar Ep. 6

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Author Comments

I'm already at my second week doing these! In this episode, Splatter runs into LotusClock, who apparently hates bad jokes. I actually made subtitles this time, so anyone can undersand it.
Don't forget to look at my other submissions, andmost importantly, review!

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Im doing all of them...

...when I should be in bed cos Ive got work tomorrow (today, actually, Ive just looked at the time!)

They are good movies- 3/5 and the art is good, but honestly who votes OVER 3 on them? c'mon they good, but they are hardly great.

No, seriously. Its a fun series and I'm sure the challenge of knocking up one after another is enjoyable.

they are definatley better with subtitles and I think the ones where you use a different voice for each character are better too.
Best Wishes to CC from DS

Karnovor responds:

Why thank you =D
And to answer your question: Many, Many people vote 5 on these. Mostly clocks, but a few of them are my fans here at NG.
<3 my fans.


Glad you put subtitles. That was a good idea.

Besides that, I thought it was fucking hilarious when he started laughing, he starts spasming everywhere. It's great.
Make more!
I love you!

Karnovor responds:

Thanks for the kind review :)
I temporarily stopped the sries until Ifeel like starting it up again. (In a week or two...) I'm glad you liked it.

im back..

lol now im just doing reviews to make these have higher scores rofl. lol that guy in no 5 who said something funny.. he said he'd nail you to a piece of cow @$%^ (keep it G people!) He does realize that's impossible ? XD! Maybe we should make some system that tests people from "moron", "fool", "tool" or just plain
!@#%$ lol i used $ for S. eh. all im saying is he'd prob break the damn machine. it wouldn't be able to figure out which one he was, so in it's confusion it classified him as all. Which it was not made for. See, drunken people must ramble, i'm perfectly sober and i'm rambling, so imagine what some drunken people can do XD. Well keep the lame jokes coming, and for morons who say they're 18+ and are swearing they're heads off at same time (try half the guys who reviewed No.5) Act you're age, your embarrassing me. And i'm 14. (If i have to spell it out to you this is what i mean.. you're 18+ supposebly, your acting worse then my 9 year old cousin, and he's pretty bad.) And no, by this you cannot classify me as arrogant as if you are ready to be presuming so you guys really are in a class of your own when it comes to being/acting/living as fools. I do agree that some people do make some crap on this, but this aint really crap. Crap is cow dung (someone classified so even before) Unless it's constructive criticism, i don't want or see any need for anything else in a class of criticism. Don't act like children, unless you really want to prove you are still the mental age of one. Btw, if anyone says "yeah but what would you know your 14" right then and there you would prove my point by your own doing. If you believe i'm a child then there should be no need to fight with me, as even i am mature enough to see that fighting or abusement is merely useless. all it does is cause pain, so WHY BOTHER. sure, this guys probably like me and doesn't give a stuff what people say if they've got nothing good to say, so why bother criticizing someone when there not going to give a damn. There is no reason. And that is my reason. Unless the people who are stupid and believe fighting is useful don't read this, well, i guess we can't hope for everyone in this world to grow up and act their age. (Not stereo-typing, more so just those who don't act their age need to grow up.)


Hope this stops at least a bit of useless batter, too no dismay of my own i coherently sadly will not be surprised if i get abused for this in these reviews.

Btw if i screwed anything up, that's because i'm tired and its like some time in the morning. So i'm going to bed now. Goodnight.

Karnovor responds:

Holy shit. I'm 14, dude.
Most of that was pure rambling, but thanks for the review! :)

6 am and i'm typing reviews?

I love the Clocks!
Geart Soung Q.
We know violence happened but we didn't see it.
It made my chuckle.

Good job!

Karnovor responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it.
Another will come out today :)


Oh My god I almost dropped dead laughing at Lotus cool seeing my name in the credits too not sure what I ever did but thanks :)

BTW a Subtitles button to turn the subtitles off and on might be a great idea also :) Like always excellent job.

Karnovor responds:

Well, you're a big fan of mine, and you aren't even a clock. That counts for something, right? Anyway, I think I will add a subtitles button, if I find out the way to make them.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2007
6:43 PM EDT