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Mia's Elegy

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Hokay. Before we go on, I'd like to say, it SHOULD be fixed. After neglecting this beautiful piece of flash, I decided to attempt to fix it. If it's not fixed, I shall continue trying until I do.

New: Shortened the "Mia Fey In: Elegy" bit at the beginning. I was going for drama, and length came out. Sorry. Tried to minimize sprite skipping. Hope it worked.
This video, while serious in nature, has some funny aspects. I under stand that, and I apologize for my previous "If you find this funny, there's something wrong with you" comment.

This is a music video to the song Elegy by Leaves Eye. The song is about a woman singing an elegy to her lost contry. She moved to Greenland, or Newfoundland, it's never specified, from one of the Contries on the Swedish peninsula.

The video is about Mia Fey singing of her lost love. Yes, it uses Phoenix Wright sprites, but it's about as serious as I can be.

Note: The first minute or so, nothing really interesting happens. But just keep at it, it'll get better.

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Nicely done!

I was shocked and and awed by this. I wish you'd make more of these! They are so great. Please make another or more!

Xenolord responds:

Well, my good man, that I very may well do!

um who is the lost love?

it could go in any direction, even in a girly girl way, the last picture though tells me its Franciska...am i close, or was it meant to be whoever???

Xenolord responds:

You are absolutely correct, my friend. It was indeed Franziska. Sorry if it was unclear.


I am awed. This is awesome. I agree about the pictures being humorous, but that just adds to the melodrama of the song. Remembering those happy times while singing such a sad song makes the song seem even deeper and more emotional. The fact that people may view them as funny is nothing to worry about, that is just people being themselves.

About the jumping Mia sprite, if possible, rather than stopping it from jumping, if you could make it look a little bit more intended then it could be viewd as her crying whilst she is singing. At least, that is what I tried to think of it as, but that could be just me.

Also, I agree that Franziska should not be in it, though the whole Alternate Reality arguement is a good one. I think many would appreciate it more if it was a little bit more realistic, but that is entirely your choice.

Finally, well done. 10/10 and a rating of 5. Fantastic work, keep it up.

Xenolord responds:

I thank you for your honest review, and I will seriously take everything you said into consideration. Keep checking for a new version. You never know. I may take your advice. :)

Beautiful song.

You know, I REALLY should review more submissions.

I love this song, although I can see why John-Thomas thought it could be considered "funny". April May screwing around with the camera, "Argh! I blinked!", and of course, "My first love. I love green screens", along with "KILL!" are all in the region of humour. Please understand that the song MAY be depressing/sad, but the pictures are humorous.

Also, before I leave, how did you get Phoenix's "Spring Break" suit? Thanks in advance!

Almost forgot to "rank" it fully! On the plus side, the song is VERY well suited for the flash, the characterization is also amazing for each, and the custom "Spring Break" is also great.

However, there ARE some problems. 1. If there's ANYONE Mia never met, it's Franziska. She was in Germany until one year after Mia died!
2. I think that you should edit the accidentally shifting Mia Fey sprites in certain frames. She SHOULD remain in the same area when she's speaking and standing in place.

Hey, I may be a tough reviewer, but I believe that everyone should perfect their talents.... and YOU, my friend, have talent.

Xenolord responds:

I thank you for this rather lengthy, but honest review. Let me address a few things you questioned.

Pictures: Okay, I admit. I made the pictures to be somewhat funny, my bad. I thought I might break up the melodrama a little.

Phoenix's "Spring Break" Suit: That was a complete accident. Apparently, the .bmp of Phoenix didn't translate too well into .jpeg, so it got discolored. Instead of FIXING it, like I probably should have, I kept it, and just called it his "Spring Break" Suit.

Problems to Address:

Mia Not Meeting Franziska: I can solve that with two, simple words. Alternate. Universe. This movie was not meant to be canon in any sense of the word. Besides, to my best knowledge, Mia wasn't a lesbian, so I kinda took some liberties. Hope that's okay.

Skipping Sprites: This seems to be a rather reduntant, annoying problem I have. I'm not sure what the real problem is, but I'm working on fixing it. I'm almost done re-syncing this, so I'll re-post it then. Check back later.

I don't mind tough reviews if they bring up some valid points, which you my friend, did exponentially. keep up the good constructive critisism bombs! And drop a few more one me, would ya?

Pretty Cool.

I thought it was pretty good, and the song was pretty cool. When i buy a DS, Phoenix Wright is the first one on my 'To Buy' list.