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Little FBF

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I haven't done anything in a while, so I made this flash to, I don't know, prove something to myself...
Although I don't know what...
Anyway, I hope you like it. It's short and sweet..
(**And sound effects by me(my mouth)**)

Peace out :D

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Well you have done really well here with your fbf, it has made your animation extremely smooth the only downside with doing it that way however is that it is a lot shorter because of the extra effort it takes, but i suppose it comes down to quantity v quality and usually (as in this case) quality prevails. Loved your sound effects too, really added energy to the piece. Would love to see you using your animation and sound effects again in a later piece.


lol, nice sounds :D

nice mouth sounds, inda strange with the random green blob trying to beat up a tree though O.o:. Anyhow, Nice sounds, ok story line and poor tree ;(. ^_^


Devolution responds:

Thanks for the review :D


Animation was very smooth, and general graphics very well done, although i'd advise you to find some soundeffects somewhere, because mouth-made effects just NEVER do the job. believe me ^^
Good job!
make more! :P

Devolution responds:

I just wasn't in the mood to find some decent sound effects on the net, so I made them by mouth
(It will be better next time, I promise)
Thanks for the review :D

heh heh, nice...

From the start the graphics were great. Animation was smooth and realistic. The smoking tree was impressive and everything was fluid. I'd say add music but I think it's better without. Overall it's awesome just a bit short. Doesn't really matter if it's short because it's brilliant.

Peace out.

Devolution responds:

I'll try to improve in the future
(on the length and everything :P)
Thanks for the review :D


This is a very smooth and visually exciting FBF animation. he tree was well drawn and so was the background. The stick figure character was well animated and the sounds were pretty good as well. The main thing you need to work on and you'll probably get this a lot in the future reviews is to make it longer; its a brilliant short, but to get the higher marks you need to expand it more and make it longer. Awesome job!

Devolution responds:

I know it's short, I had no more inspiration...
Thanks for the review :D