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Author Comments

Well I've been wanting to make Fleep for ages now, but due to certain things I couldn't get it finished, now that it is it's practically the way I wanted it. It's an experimental peice for me (testing a new type of animation), same style as always so if ya don't like it fuck off.
Well yeah, see if you can understand it.

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i love the abstract part, do a search for "palid fingers" that could give you some cool ideas


^^Good Points^^
That was really an interesting movie! I liked the sketched style, and drawing some of this in Flash, and the rest on paper. The flashed images were cool, and the music added to the abstract mood of it as well. I really like when the conversations started, as they made absolutely no sense, but it was really cool to see what came out of your head.

^^Needs Improving^^
Hmm...just work on keeping your work consistent and keep working on it.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Thanks for the review, and I must say that I think this is my most "consistent" work to date as it was all done on models (if you will) so they were always in proportion. Maybe I'm just mis understanding you're useage of the word.
Chow for now.

You clearly have a scanner.

This was really fun for me to watch because I personally really love experimental animations, so this was really pleasing to my eye. Eyes.

The whole thing seemed pretty well thought out, from the textures of the paper used for the background (I've done some stuff like this, check out "treekeepers") I think they were graph paper and lined paper turned on its side, to the distortion of the voices. The music mixed really well with it, and the characters were well drawn and for the most part well animated. My only suggestions would be to maybe quiet down the distorted voices, because for the time being they're really loud, and make the buildings in the scene with the spinning sun bigger. It was kinda hard to tell they were buildings.
Menus and text weren't bad, actually, the opening menu wasnt my favorite because of how the 666 seemed really detatched from the "beyond insanity" and with both of them kinda sprawled across the top corner of the page, I honestly did not know that was your screen name. Also, all of the text, including the text in the conversation about horses coming for tea (maybe a bit too weird) (but either way, lol. ) seemed really bitmappy and pixelated. The best example of this is when the meatballesque guy says "I was waiting for the rain" and the title, fleep, on the menu.

All in all, I really did like this, but if you do happen to want to redo it, think about these suggestions. I 5'd it, so dont worry about the not-ten review score. :)


Oh, and what was up with the dead guy at the end? That confused me.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

I have gotten comments of the voices from other people, I'll go tone them down now.
I'm glad you enjoyed this, and I really enjoyed reading your observations of this, not many people can type up an essay for a review, but it's nice when someone does.
Thanks for the review =D


Dude i made a song called fleep way before this existed.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Well the strangest thing is, Fleep is not a word, yet it is actually said in many different times used in many different ways, but if you google fleep the biggest thing is a comic about some terroist ( i had no idea of fleep beofre that) also some "Fleep Flash" (some french crap flashes, i wouldn't worry about it) well anyway the point is, Fleep is everywhere, just have open you eyes 0.o lol

What's this about?

beautifully animated and well made, however, ultimately boring. I don't understand the point of this flash at all.

Beyond-Insanity-666 responds:

Wow, beautifully animated =)
And it didn't have a real point, for me it was an experimental peice, and I had a thought, I'll get people to try and interrpret this... damn, I need a dictionary.
Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

3.06 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2007
10:36 AM EDT