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++oh ma gawd, first award?! Front page!? Thanks Tom! (and everyone who gave it a 5!) This is really fantastic.
-The plot needs a fair bit of clearing up, so here's a review from Jagermeyer that explained it pretty well.
"i think it represents the fact that there is always someone who is out to destroy nature for the profits it brings...but theres always someone who is there to defend the remaining patch of life.....eventually we will meet a middle ground where the 2 can work as one cohersive unit....not hurting nature....benefiting off the life that can survive after its all said and done."
++If you're feeling generous, I'd be really happy if this got submitted to the experimental section.

Hey everyone, thought I'd submit something else using various household textures. This project started as me and my friend Luc looking through my sketchbooks to see if we could find something animatable, and this flower drawing was one of the best bets. The story is really just that... um... well, that its often a good idea to stand up for what you think is right, and to continue to fight for that. It's 2359 frames long, running at 24 frames per second, which balances out to 98.2 seconds. Almost all the art is hand drawn onto paper with a simple black pen. The rest is flash. Enjoy the show.

(grass idea courtesy of luc as well)

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what is this i dont even.

Highly creative and stylish

I thought the brilliant mix of different kinds of animation styles in this artistic movie gave it very nice flare. The character design for the things that were protecting the tree were cool and kind of bizarre. I like how they were made by a combination of sticks drew in flash and pencil art. The artwork on those machines that cut down the trees were amazing. I loved the pink paint strokes. All around this was a brillaint movie and one that can be enjoyed by all.

well done

i like the use of house hold objects for backgrounds like the napkins and the plaid fore the gun thing anyway great flash

Very abstract

l love it. you are an artist rite?

MorrowDays responds:

haha, yeah I guess so!


What a quirky little animation. I didn't read your comments before watching it, and I was a little bit lost at the vagueness, but DID get the general idea. I interpreted it as defending what and who you are, and not giving oppressors an inch.

The random textures and strange tree & machine shapes added to the experimental feel of it, as did the simple, melodic background song. If I had to give criticisms, I'd say that it was a bit TOO vague; then again, too vague gets the audience thinking, but I was pretty lost at first, ha.

It'd be nice seeing more shorts like this from you. The odd nature really appeals to me.

MorrowDays responds:

cool, thanks! I just put out something kind of like it called surface texture, go give it a look, I think you'd find it interesting :)

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3.63 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2007
7:12 PM EDT