Contract Stick Killer

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My First Submission - But Improved

****Important - CSK2 links in game are
broken, but am working towards fixing it asap!

Also, its a bit short, but im making CSK2 :-)

Please Comment Nicely :-)



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A quick short movie - done in a classic vain of the stick fight! The key thing about this movie is the awesome camera movements featured in this short little run. They are so energetic and move constantly but do not overdue it. It's a short classic stick fight animation done quite well. I enjoyed the music loop as it fit in well with the movie and made it seem to go buy all that much faster. In future work, maybe the length could be elongated - it does not have to have an excess amount of plot, but maybe just more action and a more climatic ending. Great file size! Keep up the great work.

picaxis-media responds:

greatly appreciated :)


I really, REALLY wanted to like this. I truly did. But you made it so damn hard. The sticks need to actually move, and there's no challenge to the game whatsoever! If you become a seasoned games creator, I hope you revisit this concept and make some changes to impact it.

Not bad.

You have an interesting idea here. Most of the other reviews I've read have critically bashed this game, but it isn't that bad. Yes, you need to improve your graphics; add some animations, maybe spruce up some of the fairly decent background pictures, nothing too challenging. Next you need to fix the sound. The music in the background was okay, but the suppressed 9mm didn't sound right at all. Too loud in my opinion. Next, you need to improve the story a little bit. As it stands, the plot is only tolerable. Adding a real objective and a mission would make the player feel more involved. Also, I couldn't tell whether the stickmen were hitting me or not; my life went down, but with no muzzle flashes or damage sounds it was impossible to tell when they were shooting. Yes, your game needs a lot of work, but there's potential here.

picaxis-media responds:

thanks for your advice, its only my first im not amazing and im not gunna pretend i am :D

im working towards improving my skills

so hopefully will get a good 1 out in the future :)

You can't code.

Your style, animation, and how this was put together was all good and dandy, but...
The coding was terrible. Don't make a second. This game is not fun. The coding is just terrible. The picture backgrounds look stupid too, and 1.5 MB is a small file size. 10 MB is large.

this is fast

nothing new but badd stuff. boring

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2.20 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2007
4:56 PM EDT
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