Whuttevvah 3

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Here's number three. One I'm very proud of. (Although nm 7 is becoming v. artistic now...)
I'm not surprised but still hurt nm 1 got blammed... It's still part of the series, though and maybe I'll try to upload it again sometime.
Nm 5 & 6 are coming up tomorrow.

Aug 3, 2009 EDIT : WOAH! In some roundabout way, I suddenly found out the song I used in this actually had originated from the audio portal!
Found the ID, and added it.

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Pretty nice

But you overplay the tank thing just a bit.

Glunnator responds:

Oh hey, A new review!
Yes, I do, don't I?
Don't worry - that tank's been getting scarcer lately =)

Sweet man!

Wow! that was way better then i exspectid! it kinda need a preloader but thats just a small detail

Glunnator responds:

Yeh, I know.... ::)
Read my reply to the last guy

Not exactly a fan of techno, but it seemed to fit.

It was well animated and kept tempo with the music, but other than that the only thing I can say is to check out the Flash Tutorial on pre-loaders and stuff.

Glunnator responds:

Heh. Yeah, I know how to make a preloader. I just... didn't because the whuttevvah series should be free and open things for me to do so I don't lose interest.
I'm working on nm 7 at t mo, and I do think It's going to need a preloader... *shivers*
Thanks for the review! ;)

Was kinda lame

Espicially towards the end. I mean, I hate techno music, and I really didn't like how you just let it run until it looped back. But something tells me this will survive.


Glunnator responds:

I'm up to suggestions. Care to help?
Don't be so negative. PLEASE. You make yourself sound like an old fat guy without a life.
_And I Don't Say Things Like That Very Quickly_

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3.00 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2007
5:33 AM EDT
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