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Hitokiri: act 3

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I saw that many people thought the intro was too long, so I made it shorter ( the boring text is gone, the animation is still there:)
Also, I have put the animation to 16 fps instead of 12, and made the ending a bit different.

I hope you like it better this way!

--> Wow front page and daily feature?!:| I sure wasn't expecting that! well, thanks alot everybody!:D <--


Alright so I just posted Strings~* and it just gave me the extra boost to finish part 3 of hitokiri, so here I am again! for those who watched Strings~* just now, welcome back!

Hitokiri act 3 is the final act in this series. I worked on this flash movie for a long time. The movie was almost completed like maybe 1 or 2 years ago, but back then I didn't felt like completing it, I was done with the hitokiri series:P But now I realised that I couldn't just let that movie be while it's almost finished.
So I completed it, I hope you like it! not to many action this time but I think that isn't tooo bad ( my opinion:P)

Sorry it took so long to complete the movie, I could've done it faster (by just completing the movie instead of leaving it for a couple of years:P) but better now than not at all right?:P

anyway, hope you like it
let me know what you think!


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mostly good

didnt like the face closeups (the eyes didnt look too good)
and at points the people looked wierd (especially the guy with the baby- and i dont mean because of his hair)

it's ok

the sound :drove me crazy
humor :no humor

but ofer then that it wass pretty good.

w-style responds:

wow thank you:P yeah I know there is no humor, but I think I'm just not that.. funny:P

as for the music, If it were up to me, I would go full out with tons of soundeffects and music that fits the movie perfectly, but fact is.. I suck at sound, so what can you do:P

at my new project I asked I guy to help me out though so that should be fixed:P

Fairly good.

You did better than most,
Not the best, but it was a pretty good submission to NG. I thought the graphics were above PAR, but I think that you should ditch the big-head thing and try to make your lines less squigely, whether your trying to do that or not. Your style was OK, but I think that you should give your cartoon more meaning, because I didn't really see the point. I think that the best thing you had going was your music, which fit pretty well for the toon. I really liked the cinematography that you used, great camera angles, but I think that your character motion could use some work. All-in-all, I think it is better than most. Keep up the good work.


simple, you kill his kid. NIce animation its very smooth and flewant except for when he used the grapling hook. It didnt show his feet swing forward to land the jump


hey dumb shit it's not a fucking game its based off of a movie you want to talk shit about people subbmisions make god damn sure you know where hitokiri came from its a movie not a game you stupid ass cunt

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3.29 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
6:27 PM EDT