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Don't Be A Pirate

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Author Comments

NOTE: PLEASE REVIEW...and there IS Flash in this movie at the end, so, don't complain. Please watch this the whole way through and judge it for what it is. A funny little movie :)

Don't steal music....OR ELSE!

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I saw this a while ago, but I realized I hadn't gotten to reviewing it yet... This was an awesome idea! great job...

Chrispy responds:

Hey! Thanks very much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

very good =)

unlike the guy before me I don’t see where on this web site it says "animation only" i think there is no where better for this movie then new grounds, the humour is bang on the length is right all is well =D

Now to steal pencils, kill small animals and steal cars >=D

Chrispy responds:

Thank you very much for your support and I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)

Steal me a car too! =P

a short for somewhere else...

This is rather cute but meant more for another webspace perhaps. The sound is alittle off....but the whole pirate bit, tis okay. Maybe more flash next time...I would love to see the animation you could whip out.

Chrispy responds:

Well, I disagree with you, I'm glad you liked it to whatever degree you did, if you want to see my animations, check out my stop motion animation series "Tinfoil Bob". Also, the sound only goes off on the very end with the Flash logo, I have no idea why that is but, I figured it didn't matter too much. I believe that Newgrounds is a place for "everything by everyone" I know it sounds strange...I have no idea where I got that itno my head...

We Don't Like Yer Kind Around Here...

I like the point you tried to get across. It takes alot of balls to prance about in a pansy looking pirate outfit. It was very funny...for YouTube. I really liked it, but it doesn't belong here. In an honest sense this is not Flash. It is a video with a few lines of Flash tacked on. I would really like to see this skit redone in flash.
- C

Chrispy responds:

Well thanks, I am glad you liked it. I am trying to help New Grounds see a new light and truly go by it's motto "Everything by Everyone"...think about it, I make well done live action films and have no real Flash skill. Should I flood the portal with crappy movies because I can't use Flash? Or produce something well made for all to enjoy. Although, I do also do a lot of stop motion animation movies too. So, I've got animating skills.

Ever heard of youtube?

Superimposing a few lines of flash at the end of the movie does not a flash creation make. This video belongs on youtube, not newgrounds.

Chrispy responds:

I think anything funny or well done can be on New Grounds. I already put it on youtube, and it did quite well. Please forgive me for trying to share my work with you people...too bad it got over a 3 :D

Credits & Info

3.63 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
4:14 PM EDT