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Just some short thing I did. Not "extremely" good, but much better than some of the crap (no offense anyone) that I sometimes see here. Yes, I am aware I have very little backgrounds, but its either that or crappy backgrounds. Take your pic.

Sorry, no little picture thing.
Critizim appreciated


Okay, like I've said in my responses I'm sorry theres no sound... my friend has the music, and the first half of the collab. Whole thing should be comming soon. thanks for the good reviews (Well, good for me anyway! :D)

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I like it!

You have some really good FBF stuff in there, and seom fo it looked pretty neat. The only reason i docked you any point was because it had no music or sound fx.
I think if only it had a little music and sound, this thing would be awsome.

You definately have talent, we saw that in the Smoking Kills Collab too, if you just apply yourself to bigger projects, you could have some really great work.

PS. I love the thrusting dude that was just always kinda there. Haha

FlashKn1ght responds:

Thank you!

and yes, I do need bigger projamecs.
Actually, I'll let you ina on a little secret.
I'm planning one right now. Nothing "huge" and Its not started either... but it will be.

ooh yes... it WILL be...


^^Good Points^^
I kind of agree, that this got a rather low score for what was offered. The graphics were top notch as far as FBF animations go. I can tell you've had a lot of experience animating and had some fun making this one. There was lots of stuff going on, and lots of funny animations, especially that dancing guy that showed up every other scene. The finished collab looks like it will be a success if you keep up this work.

^^Needs Improving^^
What probably killed this the most was that there was no music in it. You definitely need some cool music along with a bunch of sound effects.

FlashKn1ght responds:

Well, the thing is my part of the collaboration was the 2nd half. My friend had the music.

BTW: The whole collab will come up soon, my friend just has to get his part ready, so the one on Newgrounds will be our "unrated" version, so to speak.

Thanks for the crit too, when I first started I got a ton of "You suck!"s

a really harsh score

the animation is abslutly outstanding, i know its got no ound which is a really big flaw but it made me laugh, its smooth and the graphics are nice. i dont get it i :/

awesome animation both in style and humour, i'd love to do a collab with you some day :D

FlashKn1ght responds:

Ah yes sound... Liek I've said before, I got the 2nd half of the collab. My friend had the music and the pre-loader and all of that stuff...

it was quite good

but I can't believe you didn't add music/sounds! It's so boring without the sounds :(
This obviously took quite some time to make, why not finish it? Well anyway, good job. I'd like to see future stuff from you :)

FlashKn1ght responds:

Finish it? Well, thats cause my friend has the first part of the Collaboration. :D
He's and even better animator than I am, so our collaboration should be kick-***! (Well.. sortof)

not bad

It would be a lot better if you added some sound and music

pretty good animation, although it didnt make much sense, I like it

FlashKn1ght responds:

Yes... My freind told me to animate random stuff so... I did. :D

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
10:47 AM EDT
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