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Another Update: I took the liberty of upping the sound quality in this one. I also made the opening logo cleaner and fixed a little thing that was bothering me involving a rotation point. And, in case you're wondering (you're probably not), Fightage 2 is still going, albeit very, very, slooooowly.

BY THE WAY, I know people are still watching this movie. The views counter goes up pretty much all the time. So why don't y'all ever vote or review? I'll respond to all reviews. C'mon, help me out here.

Our hero is just minding his own business when he is suddenly accosted by a shadowy figure! What ensues is an epic, amateurishly animated, tree-burning battle for the ages! Only one will survive this ultimate clash of good vs. evil! At least... I think that's what happens. Watch and find out!

My first REAL Flash movie (worth watching) that doesn't simply involve crappy little stick figures doing crappy little things. It probably could have looked better, but I didn't want to risk it being left unfinished before my 30 day trial was up (that, and I sucked at drawing in Flash). I think it turned out pretty good though. Watch and enjoy, or else.

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Good stuff

Oddly enough, I'm seeing this AFTER the 2nd part, which I just saw today. So, for me, this was kind of like watching a flashback. In fact, I think it works better as a flashback. Because by itself, it raises more questions than it answers... such as "How is the average guy able to hold his own against supervillain X?"

So now we're going to need an origin chapter for the non-supervillain. Which is easy: you can use the same bar scene and just loop in some new dialogue, then have the first guy go "Wait.. I was the top-ranked student in supervillain school.. how DID you hold your own against me?" and the second guy can spend a minute or two bantering about some made-up fake origin that's an obvious parody of supervillain school, and then we flashback to the real story, a 3-second clip where it turns out he's a God, or Super-Saiyan, or whatever. :)

It will definitely involve the relic... that's just how these things roll. :)

BMack24 responds:

Oh don't worry, I have a plan for explaining how Mike is so powerful... but it probably won't be revealed for a few more chapters. And yes, the relic is important too. Thanks for the interest, and be sure to stay tuned!

excellent work

not bad for your second attempt

Want the full version?

If you're using flash 8 and you want the full version, PM me.


really good...................make more flash movie/game.......

BMack24 responds:

i'm trying to. the going's pretty slow.

unfortunatly that was not a flash

or an animated movie it was a sprite flash i dont know if you intended it to be that way but it was just figures put together

BMack24 responds:

pretty sure it's still a 'flash,' since it was, you know, made with flash. but yeah it is something of a sprite movie. at least i drew everything right?

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4.29 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2007
3:01 AM EDT