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Notebooked the 3rd

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These characters jump off a notebook onto the big screen!

This is a trailer of a movie that may or may not come, PLEASE REVIEW!

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we need these kinds of seriously funny flash vids . there are hard to come by

nice one

very nice animation. this Notebooked series that you have going on is very good... very nice graphics in it, highly innovative, entertaining and original. the characters are nice... as are your efforts. i hope to see more from Notebooked... i like it.

hmm good

It was a good intro for your film what music is it i liked it when, will it come out in the summer like june or?

i'm tierd of this

the professor is checking his green-glowing screen, and guess what he makes right now? that's right a man with a superman skills!
yeah yeah
and guess what? this experiment goes wrong, and that dude comes out from a glass full of.. you're right again green stuff!
and he escapes from the laboratory that looks like- you're right again a big old gray building!

that is not creative.. and i've seen these ideas on joe zombies and much more.... it's good don't get me wrong- but it's overused..
try being original next time :\

rebornMCW responds:

Ok, slow down there. If you cant tell that this movie is suppose to be a joke, then thats just ignorants. Obviously I used the generic movie plot because I wanted to. If I was aiming to be creative I wouldve had them born from a pack of coked up robot bandicoots. But I wasnt, just know this when you watch it, its a spoof of epic trailers.


This seems like it could be really good. You should really make the full movie, it will be good.
One question though. Where did you get the music?? It's the same as Castle III D, and it's great! Can you please tell me where you got it??

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4.18 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
10:09 PM EDT