Green Kitten's Birthday

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I am happy it's my birthday!!!





I found Jesus! This flash is ground breaking! To improve? Make it longer and stronger. Keep up the great work.


yea well fuck SDOT lets see him do better . grats on 15!

What the hell?

Why was this made? No one cares about your birthday. Why did the last guy give this a 10? This was pitiful


...part of me want to give this a low score.... know why? Very little effort. If you are going to make a flash dedicated to you because it your birthday, at least put some effort into it so that it feels like you are rubbing it in to the person who is watching it. LOL!

I give it a prefect because A.) it is your birthday, so why not? XD B.) I can't make flashes C.) I personal like the idea. If it your birthday, might as well make a flash and tell the world. XD.

Some people call me insane. Other call me weird. Personally I think the childhood side of me never died. LOL.

Graphics: could be better. But I seen worst.... a lot worst. o_o. So this is good in comparision.
Style: prefect. lol
Sound: I could hear the sound prefectly. That a plus.... but there coudl be some better variety of music.
Violence: Meh. violence to me is getting old....so whatever.
Interactivity: Movie flash.... how do you add interactivity to a movie flash?
Humor: LOL.

That is all I am going to say. I am probably gonig to be hated and ridiculed by anyone and everyone else that does a review for this... but hell with them. I speak my mind and that that. F*** off!

And just for the hell of it. Happy b-day. lol.

Power to the rebels!

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1.47 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
9:13 PM EDT
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