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Marx vs Orwell

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Author Comments

NOTE: PLEASE REVIEW...and there IS Flash in it, so, stop complaining.
This is a project I did for English class so, it's a bit different from my other movies. Karl Marx, the father of communism, goes up against George Orwell, author of Animal Farm about communism on a game show type thing. It was because we were reading the book Animal Farm. And oh yeah, there IS flash animation in it, hence the picture, in the beginning and the end, so don't complain.
It had to be compressed so, go here to see it in full quality:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=sJl5yAt0bZA
Also, sorry but, the replay button doesn't work, I'll get it fixed eventually.

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ok i guess

the debate was set up pretty good, but the costumes could of been better and u did the debate on ur couch, which made it look kinda too homeade..., but overall its pretty good

Chrispy responds:

Well buddy, I had no where else to do it?

Actually, that was kind of the style I was going for. Not home made but, well made just on a couch. Besides, most talk shows and stuff, take place on couches.

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it otherwise, thanks for the review :)


Well i enjoyed this, its not often newgrounds gets live action stuff because usually the users blam them for being on an animation only site, but i think that this deserves its place here, you have a nice mix of comedy and i like your use of sound effects and also you added in a few animated graphics along the way. My only question, is that guys hair real? because man does he have a set of hair.Overall im pretty impressed by this and i look forward to you perusing comedy.


Chrispy responds:

Thank you very much, and yes, that is my real hair, haha. I feel that although this is primarily a Flash animation site, that anything well made should be allowed here. And all of my live action submissions have gotten accepted. After all, it is "New Grounds: Everything by everyone". Anyways, thank you very much for your great review! Check out my other stuff and be sure to look out for more comedic stuff from me :)

I liked it.

Very funny, I'd give it an A. WOO!

Chrispy responds:

Thanks buddy :D


even if there are some containt mistake it is funny

0 for graphic cause it is not flash in any way but that good other wise

hope you will make that ghandi vador sequel

keep at it

Chrispy responds:

Thanks, there was Flash in it but, thanks anyway. Glad you thought it was funny :)

this isn't flash.

First off this isn't even flash, a small "splash" intro doesn't make it so. Next, your lack of knowledge about George Orwell and his book is astounding. You should fail if this was for school. Animal farm was about how Stalin hijacked the communist revolution in Russia, not about how "communism was destined to fail." Orwell, was a Socialist, not a capitalist. Please read up on people before you promote US propaganda. It's sad, because you'll prolly join the army and rape terrorist 13 year old girls in Iran in 5 years. Lastly, communism didn't always fail. Yugoslavia was very successful until Western Europe and the USA trained and armed insurgents to destroy the country, eventually leading to a Nato invasion, and the complete breakup of the most successful communist government. Cuba is a successful communist/socialist country as well(although i'm guessing in America you're told otherwise). This "flash splash" is horrible. Why would you post this on newgrounds?!!

Chrispy responds:

I never said Orwell was a Capitalist, Animal Farm WAS about how communism failed DUE TO THE CORRUPTION OF THE LEADERS. I for one am not some over patriotic ass hole, I'm NOT going to join the army. I posted this on New Grounds because it was a well done and funny movie, or at least that's what everyone beside you has said. And who give a crap about Yugoslavia anyway? And Cuba is being run by a corrupt dictator right now. Thus making it... NOT REAL COMMUNISM. The whole point of Orwell's argument that absolute communism cannot exist due to the nature of humans. Maybe YOU should stop being a sac of untalented shit with no movies and actually listen to what it said. I said in this movie that Animal Farm was about Russia. Christ, you are stupid. By the way, I got an A on this project and everybody loved it because I'm amazing, so, fuck yourself and try making a movie of your own :)

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
8:35 PM EDT