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Mind Boggle Square

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The object of the game is to move the big red square from the left side of the screen to the right side. Sound simple enough? Based off the classic wooden square root puzzle game. Use arrow keys and keyboard letters or mouse to move pieces.



Well I know why it got its name, geez that was hard. I was determined to go through with it until I beat it, I ended up getting 4135 moves (a lot compared to the previous person I read)...I was tempted to restart a few times, but I just kept on going. I think the thing that got me most was the white block. I easily spent 300+ moves using different pieces trying to get the white block to move one over, and ended up almost in the same spot as it was to begin with. Another problem was when I kept getting those single blocks lost and had to repeat the process of moving the things till I got it back to where I wanted it.... (well it sounds weird saying that, but i am sure you know what i mean) Lol so anyways I just want to say it was a very nhice challenge, and I am very thankful there was indeed an end to that game because half way through I realized how cruel it would of been if it was impossible to complete. lol. Create another one, just as hard! ^_^

atkman responds:

Well congratulations on solving the puzzle without restarting!!

hardest thing i played.

that took forever to beat. it took an hour by myself, then another with my brother and dad. it took us 876 moves. next time make the same game but make some more levels and make them easier. either way great puzzle game XD

this is hard!

but very fun

havnt past the first level yet but im gonna try again lol

Pretty good

nice idea, but first level is to tough

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2.66 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2007
8:05 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other