Stinky Boot FUCKER

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have u ever jizzed ina boot??????? it feels great yo!!!!!!!!! (-:,'

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damn so much nostalgia i remember i was there in the newest submissions and i still remember that face and the music with the sun

Brilliant Movie

I'm suprised of its low score since it actually pretty good. I like the inking in the man's face, as well as the music. The opening sequence is good as well. You are a good artist. It's a shame the only awards you ever got were Turds of the Week.




This is one of the most beautiful animation loops I've ever had the pleasure of watching. The intro sequence is excellent as well - much like the loop, it's beautifully choreographed and features artwork and animation that's markedly clean and refined.

But the loop is incredibly memorable, mesmerizing, and calming. The music is fantastic: It's bright and uplifting, making it an ideal compliment to the setting. The head is perfect, both in the way it's positioned and how it's drawn; its facial expression manages to be both funny and oddly hypnotizing. And the use of color in every aspect of the video is amazing; the shading on the head and the gorgeous, ever-changing background adds so much to the satisfying feeling I get while watching.

I find it difficult to pull my eyes and ears away from this; it's just spectacular on so many levels, and it has such a relaxing effect me. I wouldn't change a thing about this, and I'll definitely be coming back to chill out to it again. Marvelous work...

And no, I've never jizzed in a boot, but I bet that it would feel almost as great as watching this!


It doesn't make sense.