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Karate Kid vs.Scorpion

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The Karate Kid vs Scorpion. Thanks to The Mortal Kombat Warehouse for providing all the MK sprites. This was a time consuming yet fun project. Aside from making the mortal kombat sprites, everything else was done by me except the sound creation (I did the sampling and editing however, I did not create any of the music or sounds). The Karate Kid sprites were made by screen capping about 1000+ frames, going through and figuring out what would work, then isolating individual sprites (a punch, stance, kick, etc.) then removing all the non Daniel pixels (ie. the backgrounds) scaling the remaining frames down to a consistent size and proper alignment, then importing the frames into flash and making movie clips out of the individual motions. Needless to say it took awhile and I pretty much know The Karate Kid inside and out (and frame by frame). I probably have enough data to make Johnny Lawrence sprites, but not the energy.

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Nice, but it needed that one Cobra Kai member saying put him in a body bag when the announcer said Finish Him!

Alternate ending of Karate Kid, hehehe......

Ha ha, that was great. I can't top Christovgrigori's comment though, it's so perfect. What can I say? Batman would have a better chance against Superman. Bambi would have a better chance against Godzilla.

I think it would have been better if you'd used scorpion's actual fatality animation from MK1 and not the flaming bones from MK3 for authenticity though, since the rest of the game animation was from MK1. But I guess you probably used at you could find and it's not that bad. As a longtime MK player it just looks weird to me for the wrong thing to be used like that out of place like that.

Mr. Meyagi's cameo was perfect too.

You're the best.... around! No one's ever gonna get you down!!!!... Fatality. I will say it would have been funnier to me, if Mr. Meyagi had encouraged Daniel-san in much the same way he had in the (first) movie and he had failed fantastically anyway. Much like in that parody sketch involving John Cena which did that exactly. It seems like that would NEED to be part of the joke there, that even doing like he did at the end of the movie, he wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. But the girlfriend coming out and getting burned too was good too.

The only reason you lose half a star is that it seems like you messed up the scaling factor of the image you superimposed on top of the MK background in the middle there and it looked pretty sloppy when Daniel suddenly got really big and then small again.

Daniel Larusso's defeat was to be expected. He literally had no chance in Hell against Scorpion.

now that was some funny shit