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Melting small boy melt melt small.

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whats up with the mum? LOL

I have watched everything

You are a cool artist. Just like David. Make some more dude.

jackthetrippr responds:

I disagree Mr Denzel...you are a far more creative person than I'll ever be. I watch afterlife sequence 3 pretty much every day....you should base a whole cartoon around that Tseung character. Amazing.


Quite the freakish little flash you have made here, the way you did the voices i think saved this with that whole slow motion effect and im glad that you added in subtitles but i don't understand why you didnt have a voice over for the narrator, it would have completed the audio side of things nicely. The character designs were really detailed and the black and white style was well chosen. Overall a very strange flash.


jackthetrippr responds:

thanks for the positive words amigo! The purpose of this cartoon was basically just so I could experiment and piss around with using black and white. I think you're 100% right with that voice over thing. In fact, I just might edit that in and see how it turns out.


It seems you where inspiered by David Firth in someway. This flash is more of a failed one. I wold consider it as a prototype for you to train on, the voices are crap, so work on those and also try work on the movement, limbs and SFX, because they are also very crap. Anyways it wasn't a hateable flash, if you are into David Firth style i suggest that you don't stop, but that you make it less obvious that you inspiered yourself from his work..... Jesus im too formal....

jackthetrippr responds:

You're also a throbbing cunt.


im pretty sure the only raseon i liked it was because of the audio man that is one ugly kid and i didnt know he could be so short