The Traffic Light

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This is a warning to all you traffic lights out there, we'll blow your planet up.
Also, becuase Q pwns G, G is reversed.
Today is March 27th and therefore, you should write a review about this movie.

Something to learn from this movie:
- Never eat a pre-loader.
- Always wear a hat during suicide.
- Having a ! for an arm will make you sick.
- Tom hurry up with the new design.

Facts about this movie:
- This movie takes about 0.0001 secs to load on NASA internet.
- This movie does not contain George W. Bush, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Donald Trump or any other member from the hitseries 'F*R*I*E*N*D*S.
- Even when watching this movie, smoking kills.
- You may not copy this movie, unless a copy has already been made, in that case, you wouldn't need a suit.
- Also, there was one alien harmed in the making of this movie, but I merely slapped him on his bjork.

On fifty-fourth thought, I would like to state that I have nothing to do with the sinking of the Titanic. Nor does Spielberg.

In other news, I want to eat a cookie.

Before I will go slap my alien again, I will tell you this. It's the truth, it's no lie.

Today is the day, that is the farthest away from the creation of earth, as it's the nearest to the end of the earth.

Enjoy folks! Or as Britney Spears woudn't say:

G'bye all.



that sucked!!!!!!!

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I will say with outmost discontent, that this might be one of the least interesting flash animations I've ever seen, given its lack of plot, artistic manipulation and taste. To improve, I would suggest you placing more effort next time. It is obvious that difficulties arise during the artistic creation process, but I believe you can overcome them.

Try harder next time.

Not bad, good file size management.

Not great, not horrible, it is what it is. Rarely do you see a video under 50k, this is probally the highest commedy per kb video on all of newgrounds.

Jovatov responds:

Good file size management is practically my motto!

Humor always works

Graphics: Nice & smooth, but had the little edges too sharp.

Style: Look around Newgrounds theres plenty of this kind of movies, short but funny.

Sound: Bit more quality and it's OK

Violence: None

Interactivity: None

Humor: It was already known, but still funny

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Jovatov responds:

Humor that is already known is still funny. Take for example a pie in a face. No matter how many times you've seen some dumbass get a pie in his face, it's still funny to see a dumbass get a pie in his face. As is all other humor really, except jokes, when you hear a joke for the trizillian time, it tend not get a laugh anymore. Hahaha. Well that's funny now isn't it.

Its OK

Pretty good and funny LOL.

Jovatov responds:

You know it when you hear that a stickmanfan find your movie funny, you're not going to jail in a long time, nor is Anna Nicole Smith for obvious reasons.

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1.48 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2007
6:46 AM EDT
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