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In a basketball addicted country, I just had to contribute something to my community. All rights reserved.


it's ok...

just a bit hard

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Didn't care for it :(

Well 1st off...Instructions please?! So without Instructions your already at a disadvantage and don't know what to do not to mention that there is like 30secs to get this basketball in the hoop. It was pretty hard to do and the controls weren't really good..at all. The sounds was highly annoying since it was like the same 2 sounds every 1secs. 

#10;&#13;&#10;Way on to improve..well 1st off some Instructions Also the game could be a little better on how to get the ball into the basket. Maybe you just have to put the rhino under the ball and if it hits the horn it blows up. If you don't it bonces closer to the hoop you do that 2 or three times and it goes in and you start over again. Simple? meh bit its better than what we have here. As for the sounds maybe some good music from the portal and please stop that "OHHH" every time it hits the ground >.<. As for graphics just put a bit more detail into the people and your good.

Nice idea!

Its a great idea for a game, it just needs more work on graphics and features. Opponents would be great to see, as well as some background music or something similar to drown out the repetitive sound effects.

i'm confused

not bad, sounds got kind of annoying after a while...

humor...rhinos are funny!

but i'm confused...is the point to get it in the basket, or to just keep if off the ground? and i dont think the controls are obvious enough to anyone...

I got mad.

It lasted only 30 seconds, The controls were terrible, everytime I dropped the ball ALL MY POINTS DISAPPEARED and I couldn't get it in the basket.

The game was good but the dynamics of it didn't do so well.

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2.33 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2007
3:36 AM EDT
Sports - Basketball