Pico Visits Neverland

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Author Comments

Micheal JAckson's Neverland theme park or w/e it's called XD It's not an actual game but it's interactive since u have to click around and stuff
PS- By the way, dont review if you are just gonna give me a bad score and b mean =.- gimmie 10 and get a cookie!

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About Duck shooting zone and other

Be good to see him,I see the most idot boy that even eat a toaster, he is "Blockhead"

P.S:I know that why Pico shoot Blockhead,may be Pico is Insane.

P.S.S:When he get piss MJ show out and Pico shoot him and then (That really bad)Pico p*ss at MJ mouth.

it is picos world now

he has invaded never land

it was ok

the graphics where kinda bad...
and the music was jarring -_-
but it was funny when you piss on mj ^^
that deserves a 4 star atleast lol

good, tho rough

-Poor graphics
-basic animation

Quite funny tho

+Proper credits! Its amazing how many people didn't credit Tom in their Pico productions.
+your own music, sort of appropriate for the flash.

- Spelling: animations

Nice little interactive.
Best Wishes,


it was funny but it had really crappy graphics.

Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2007
12:27 AM EDT
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