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This is just basically the original pacman flash version... not much else to it....no whacky storyline....just good old pacman, but with a funky song!

Also check out space invasion which will be in the portal tommorrow too! i'm just about finnished that :P

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Look like a Flash version of pacman...
I found the music more RnB,more like a street like...

Too bad the gosth can't go faster in the next level...
There is some difficulty,like i want to take the pill in the corner and this dosn't work...

I love the speed up effect when pacman eat the red pill and when the blue ghost are eaten,they past trought the wall,i found that a bit cheap...


To bad to be a flash

Im sorry I just hate this. I am a bit of a fan of Pacman and know the names of the ghosts. The red one is Blinky, the pink one is Pinky, the blue one is Inkey and why is he green? and the orange one is Clyde I got that from a site. But anyway Im sorry this game is a rip off and I prefered the original. P.S. Why does Pacman sometimes dodge the dots? If you are going to make another one get as much info you can about Pacman or somehow download Pacman and show it here. But LOL that NewGrounds icon at the start with his head as Pacman was hilarious.

great sound!

but the game should be improved.

Seandadj responds:

thanks :P

kind of sad

this is nothing more than a poor attempt at mimicking something that's been remade a thousand times. the animation was poor and the movement was terrible. pacman was squished and changed his facing well after he changed his direction of travel. the only thing new was the sound, and it was more irritating than the original. the code that ran the ghosts was just plain bad. when you eat the pill, they omstly get stuck in the corner. i stopped playing when i was killed trying to eat a ghost even before they started fashing.
1/5, and that's because i'm in a really good mood.

Seandadj responds:

you really are a sad voter, you vote on effort put in then add more score if you liked it, not if you dont like it vote 0-1

Totally unneccary.

Big fan actually, but I could play this anytime in I hadn't pawned my Atari 2600! Look, Pacman was great but I think you slaughtered it in alot of ways. My biggest problem was the movement. It was too free if you get what I'm saying, if you click and arrow, it should go straight that way, not have a little wiggle room to the lefts and to the rights. Sometimes because of this I'd skip OVER pills that were in corners!! My second biggest problem was SPPED. This was WAY to slow! The perfect speed would be the speed where PacMan was going at when he ate a power pill. And another thing, this is nearly identical to the original pacman, except choppier and slower. So why copy-cat it? Make it unique! Change the levels!! Add backrounds!! Maybe some movie clips in between on something! Please try again?

Seandadj responds:

ok you had a lot of issues with it, thanks for the feedback ill do an assault on these.

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2.87 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
11:10 PM EDT
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