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Author Comments

(happy now)

Update: 4/19/07
Tom, thanks man. Thanks for adding this to Art forum collabs.

Update: 4/12/07
Do to loads of complaints yall now got what you wanted. A next button. The text should be fine now. But im still keeping the old film thing.

This had to be told. There are to many Art Forum Collabs that are not made and everyone goes through the work for nothing.

please tell me if it runs TOO fast
i had to increase the frame rate
when submiting it to make it look
better. Originally the FPS was 30 but i made it
35... or 38... because it ran slow in explorer.

If the flash is too slow for you
then lower the quality

Vote Fairly!

sorry if its not a masterpiece but this was suppost to be a quick project. ok? thats all. this is just something i threw together in a few days.
I can do better then this though.

The message had to be told.
Please let others know if you want

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your message is true, i have noticed that aswell. and that next button thing is actually funny, take it down, put it up, take it down... i feel your pain man, great flash

DrClay responds:

Cant please everyone I suppose

I suppose I should agree.

But when you think about it, the more work you put into a submission the better a submission is right? So what if some collabs don't work out, survival of the fittest is basically what has to happen, and if your willing to give up enough time making it. Nontheless, this submission got the point across and it was a fun thing to watch. Good work.

..... :D

Agreed, but I hoped The Newground Ocean would survive,
but that's art for you..
survival of the fittest!
But you really have to understand the amount of work that does go into a collab! Christ, me and ToasT spend bloody ages on my PC and then my Laptop, piecing together Mount Newground, it is a test of endurance! and drink supplies.
But good on ya for making a flash representing the frustration of Art Forum users, but don't listen to every single review. The button is damn annoying. So a few idiots wanna click a button? Ignore them, if they can't keep up...then...well...

I thought the botton was annoying truthfully.

But this had to be done. The "The Black Bar" has recently ended aswell.

DrClay responds:

people want me to add a button.
"it will help us read" they say
i add a button
take the button out they ask
"the button is too anoying" they say

wtf lol

dude i dont think art collabs are going to happen for a while...


It was alright, the message went through

You should have added a Next button

DrClay responds:

Alright Alright!
you people got what you want now.

I just added a next button now.
Now is it good?

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
5:24 PM EDT