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The Day The Sky Fell

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First thank you to all of the members of the RCC and voice actor%u2019s club members for taking the time to helped me make this movie. =D

I first started making this during the RCC division as a part of a shot collab, however the division ended and i decided to go ahead and finish it.

At the end of the "RCC civil war" a hacker attacked and almost destroyed our site so i decided to make the movie about that instead. There are still some references to the Civil war and i just want every one to know that its all in good fun =)



What she do with the comb

3Dmadness responds:

Be imaginative ;)


This movie is so great, it almost brought tears to my eyes. The graphics, sound, plot, everything, are so great. This is a great piece of history about NCC.

Long live the Consortium!

-Gold Socom

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That was so awesome, welcome to the clockcrew dude.

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Truly awesome dude!

Since I have too much good to say aout the movie, I will just put my critiques comrade.
1. What the hell did the guard on the guard post say?
2.The "666" on the hacker clock has a noticeable loop. Thought I would point that out.
3. You should have posted all the clocks appearing in the movie comrade. For credit and recognition. :)

Overall, great movie man! The 3D effects were right ON! I can't wait to see future works!

Yours in the Motherland,
Comrade Rust / Baka.

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3Dmadness responds:

the guard said "i must stop them"
the 666 loop problem dident show up when i tested my movie (i'll have to start testing on other computers :O)
and i thort i did credit every one?


Blood, blood and more blood. Nice work dude.

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3Dmadness responds:

true action breeds true gore!!!!!!!!

thank you for the review =D

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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2007
4:51 PM EDT
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