Charater Battle V

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The 5rd part of the battle but this will be longer. Everyone goes wild!
This will be showed on Gaia Online.


Not Fun At All

This wasn't the best sprite based movie... It was not even fun to watch. They died the same exact way... And the character who killed the next was not even equally matched in any way. You should think of more creative ways to kill your characters and who should kill who to make it equally matched

PicoZX responds:

The next episode will be better as KHU.


After a while of watching these, you kind of get tired of seeing the characters get defeated the exact same way EVERY TIME. You need more material, have the characters die differently every now and again and try to get a team thing goin' besides just The Mario Bros.

zealot1234 sayz

this movie is bad i could make some of those scenes in one of the many scene creators if they added those sprites except for the blowing up stuff but why would they blow up did they eat tnt...again?
yay for no . or ! or ,

ikno i helped but...

you know, you need a better xplosion. oh, if u need anymore music, ask me.

PicoZX responds:

I need a better one.

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2.71 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2007
8:58 PM EDT
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