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PiPi The Jumping Bubble

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This game was made as an Advergame for Booa.co.il

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Very cute! I am surprised that this does not have a higher rating, because it is actually a very nicely done game. I guess you could probably improve on it by having more going on and not just the same bubbles over and over. That didn't stop me from having tons of fun. I especially love how cute the overall appeal of this game is. It doesn't hve to be fancy or anything, just a nice little game to enjoy. The sounds are adorable too.

I like how it just seemed to go on and on, like most of these games do. The music is also good and in fact all the sounds are rather comforting. It's perhaps not the most memorable game out there, but it's still worth playing. Even the main character has a really cute name, Pipi. It seems like a nickname my dad would give my mom.

one of my favs!

i love the game, it just makes me happy. its a nice break.. and calming.... amazing

I wasn`t expecting this...

OMG!! i was thinking: do this game realy have a and? and i got the answer.... after jumping trough a parallel dimension with clocks, entering a black hole, i came back from the waste bin.... Realy i wasn`t expecting that... uahauhauhauahuh... i died at the 1st bubble after going trough the waste bin..... O.o


This game is a nice break from all the blood and gore games around right now. Nice one!!!!!!!!!!

Pipi, now on Wii?

Seriously, what is it with games and game systems being named after urination nowadays? PiPi? Wii? What's next: Piss Puddle the Game?

Okay, just kidding. Seriously though, this is a neat little game. It's fun to send our little urinary hero vaulting through the air by popping bubbles (though it would be nice if they made a more full and satisfying popping noise). The controls leave a little be desired--Pipi is rather sluggish as far as following the mouse, and given how quickly his rises and falls, it becomes awfully easy to slip up and miss a bubble. Considering that there are no checkpoints and that you have to then start over, this makes it somewhat frustrating to keep playing.

Anyway, good work. What can I say--this game was a piss! :)

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4.29 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2007
6:33 PM EDT