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AA and ~BB~ unite

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We love the ~BB~

Join AA
http://z6.invisionfree.co m/Atom_Association/index.

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well man.

that was really good, i liked it.


I never knew you felt like that *sniffle*
WE LUV J00 T00!

~BB~ & AA

JackflashProductions responds:

I rate your review: 30/10

Niiice, a BIG turnaround

This is the first animation in this series that I actually like... It's just witty enough to be funny and has just the right combo of song and humor to be sucessful.

Cool. Period.

JackflashProductions responds:

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Good little movie AA...

Would you mind an ex-Hippy joining you crew?

JackflashProductions responds:

Join at your will!
z6.invisionfree.com/Atom_Asso ciation/index.php?


it sucked..the music is crappy..nothing new..plus a nazi salute at the beginning...not cool

JackflashProductions responds: