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A Parting Shot II

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Author Comments

EDIT: Revision B uploaded. Heres the formula to the boss: He will charge attack you after taking a certain number of steps(~7), else he will just normally attack you. He does get faster as the level progresses, but not fast enough that it will take less than 7 steps to reach you. Headshots do the most damage.
NOTE: Low quality is recommended.

A Parting Shot II!
+ New Bosses!
+ More Enemies!
+ Improved Graphics!
+ Improved script!

- No More Glitches!

A Parthian Shot- A military tactic employed by the Parthians who would, while mounted, feign retreat; then, turn their bodies back to shoot at the pursuing enemy.

Thus I present to you- A Parting Shot II.


P.S. If anyone wants to work on a similar game with me, message me.

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People who complain so much about this game have no idea about how to play videogames, they think it has to be easy like a ''E'' for everyone game. For me this is a gem, I loved play it as a 10 years old and I'm still lovin' it.

A bad archery game.

I will admit that A Parting Shot II is much better than the first, but that's not saying much.

The story is nothing special. You're simply a rebel who's idiotically only armed with a bow going up against your own king who is acting like a total dick to his own people. It's up to you to go up against your own army to stop the evil king.

The gameplay is dull, slow, boring and repetitive. Movement is too constricted as you can only go forward, backward and do this really weak and awkward jump that barely does anything against incoming arrows. You can't dodge, sprint, or even draw out a sword for close quarters combat.
What I dislike is the archery and disliking the archery is definitely bad, especially when the main aspect of the game is the archery. Archer's bow-arm (the arm he uses to hold his bow; this could either be the left or the right arm depending upon which direction he's facing) is bent when it should be straight; the arrows are missing an important piece called fletchings; the arrows don't go as far as they should and they are incredibly slow, not to mention that they don't even look like proper arrows but more like sticks--granted, an arrow is a stick but it's a stick with fletchings and an arrow-head. Overall, the bow just seems like a really weak weapon and I wouldn't want to go into battle armed with it.
There are only two boss fights and I actually found the 1st boss to be tougher than the 2nd boss, which definitely isn't good because the 2nd boss should be tougher than the 1st. Unfortunately for this game, that isn't the case. And I really dislike the battle with the first boss because the protagonist is so damn slow that it's hard to evade multiple attacks.

The graphics are better than in the first, but that's not saying much; the visuals are still bad, the animation is still bad and the physics is still. And arrows get misplaced as enemies fall down dead. An arrow shot in the head ends up floating above the head of a soldier's corpse.
There's really nothing I can say positively about the graphics, other than that it's definitely better than in the first.

The audio is bland, the music is nothing special, the sound effects are uninteresting and the voice acting is not only bad, but incredibly lazy; you provide all that text, yet only two-three lines are spoken.

GOOD - Apart from being better than the first, nothing.

BAD - Except for being better than the first, everything.


The controls were a bit stiff, there was no way to dodge. I did get in fact get to the boss. But i found it impossible to dodge his small swings and the footsoldiers often hid in his body. To the ones complaining about graphics, please keep in mind that this game came out 4 years ago.


The controls were stiff, and it is really hard to dodge enemy archers because you can only take evasive actions as a small jump and walking backwards- if I could have rolled or something quicker that would make it more fun and be easier and less frustrating.

Also, the guys on the first level, the knights or watever look like storm troopers ALLOT to me lol...which I found too hilarious to take the game seriously.

The moves overall were slow and stiff, the bow didn't go fast or far enough. This could have been much better.

Bad voice acting, killed the mood....allot.....

Could have been much better if made differently, but on the positive side I didn't think the graphics were all that bad as people are saying, and....it was fun to shoot people.

But mostly this was a sad minutes of my life gone away :(


Pretty boring. And you call that a jump? You should play some super mario.

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2007
11:58 AM EDT