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Flash Strikes

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This is just a preview of all my flash works. Mount with Premiere, and fully done with flash ;)
You can see my next shit, for a band, which be online soon.

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Thanx too much mister Peha xD


I uh....don't understand?

What was this movie supposed to be about...the animation was good and all but it had like no plot and left me kinda of freaked out and confused....good flash anyways, lol.

Sweet! Nice work

heh how sad? hmm pay no attention to him. he can probably only draw crappy stick flicks. but this was good iv seen the one with the cow befor and the one with the crazy little girl i belive so. keep it up.

How Sad.

Naked men, bloody killers, bugs eating people, another fucked up person trying to polute others with his view on life. What's our society coming too?

Only thing i'll give you credit for was the graphics. They were pretty good, but besides that, im not looking forward to your work.

P.S. I accidently had the bubble tank window open and reviewed that flash with the same coment, if you see it there, im sorry, that was totally by accident! i love bubble tanks!

man do you need a hug

that was actually very fluid and awesome and creative, good work.

do you need a hug though, because some of those shorts were pretty crazy and i was all like "this is dude needs a hug." maybe you should go get a hug from someone is all that i'm saying.

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2007
7:20 AM EDT