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Charater Battle III

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Author Comments

The 3rd part of the battle but this will be longer. Pico v.s Bell.

Thank you for waiting for this!
This packs a longer movie!
And added a Nav Bar in it!

Go on. Click the link!

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Oh, god, this was awful.

This was my previous flashes back then, DON'T WATCH FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR OWN GOOD.

jesus christ

this is horrible! a white sqaure for an explosion? at least make it a circle, it took me forever to fiqure out how to play the movie by clicking that head to battle thing, pico gets hit and clearly flies threw the same scene pasted together, did you even try? like this is the 3rd version, i fiqured a series that has 11 episodes would be worth it but i guess i was wrong

and come on! Rolleth was trying to give you advice, and you were a complete dick in your response dont ask people to give you constructive critisism if your just gonna lash out at people, because you think your animation is great when it obviously isnt

PicoZX responds:

Stop reviewing and butting in.

Yipes, man.

No offense, but this stank. Like a tycoon's biggest cattle range on the hottest day of the year. Pico was tiny. the scale was off. The music didn't fit AT ALL. The background had little white marks as it looped. The "explosion" that happened when they "teleported" WHITE SQUARE. This animation looks like it was put together in 5 minutes.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but that was pathetic. you should be happy you got a single star.

And, you're being mean to everybody who reveiws Just because they gave you a low rating. Rolleth was simply saying You should improve, and you basically said F**k you B*tch.
I can understand beople who go USUCK DIE IN A FIRE, but you're taking it to far.

And you'll probably tell me to screw off too. Oh well, you're a jerk then. Bye bye.


Okay riddle me this. What were you trying for? Ive seen flashes come and Ive seen flashes go, Ive seen total crap and Ive seen things that make me wonder a) When people are going to get a life
b) Where do you get that talent and c) HOW THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT WITH FLASH!?!?!

Unfourtunetly this did nothing of the sort. They get cut out... they pop up in a forest and Kingdom Hearts II emotional music starts playing. Looks good so far (minus the fact pico is extremly tiny and makes my head hurt trying to get a good look at him but i could deal...) then you sit.... and sit some more.... and sit even more.. Until you figure out to hit the head for the battle button. After which the PPG char (which if you havent; read SNAFU's doujuin on the PPG, and TIN great stuff.) hits pico, he fly's across a horribly animated flying sequence, she fly over, they are eaten by a white square, they glow red, and some texts fly over. Cue credits... wow I just completly and totally described the flash in less than a thousand chars. Now enough with the flame and lets get critquein.

Graphics - Pico was way too tiny and his "stage" didnt fit em at all...
past that most of it was good. (Minus the aforementioned transition)

Style - Trying to yet another Char battle. Not <i> quite </i> overdone but really really close.

Sound - Not your own work, but Squares soundtrack is absoulutley amazing and I love them so much XD

Violence - She hit him... they were attacked by a white square... yea...

Intereractivity - None, minus the attempt at a nav bar.

Humor - If this was a serious attempt than it was funny. If you got bored and quit than this was just sad.

Overall - Very dissapointed. Please work harder on your flashes, and if you cant figure out how to pull something off than ask someone on the site alot of us flash artists are very coopertive and will do anything we can to help one of our own. However you will run into a few jerks. Im open for questions and comments if you want to give any.... but farewell for now.

- Rolleth

PicoZX responds:

I.D.O.N'.T C.A.R.E.

Got that?
Its great. And I tryed to do my best and I'm not minusing the Nav Bar!

They were not attack by a white square!
Bell got close to Pico, then a explosion

I can't believe this is the worsest review!

You are so dumb!

And the <i> thing is still dumb to do!


I didnt really understand the whole thing... i mean... it was kinda crappy with the sprites and all... but it could turn out to be good if you lenghtend it a bit

PicoZX responds:

Look at my flashes and go to " Steel All Over 1 "

Credits & Info

0.52 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2007
11:33 PM EDT